“When I think about the service Terra Verde Environmental Consulting is providing, I think about outstanding performance. Having 40 years of experience in the utility business, I truly believe that, what we’re around we learn.  What we learn we practice.  What we practice we get good at.  What we get good at, we become.  Having said that, I think Terra Verde more than anyone understands that the normal construction worker, be it a Lineman, equipment operator, or helicopter pilot, just doesn’t have the experience or knowledge that it takes to execute a solid environmental compliance plan needed for large magnitude projects to be completed on time with zero noncompliance issues.

With your leadership, we have to date met the companies goals in environmental compliance on this project. Your hard work helped the crews build a construction plan that could be executed in a sequence that we all felt would be successful – and it was. 

Your team provides open and honest communication. You do the right thing even if it is unpopular or risky.  You take active responsibility for the quality of service you provide, and you take ownership of the teams goals.  You hold yourself and others accountable for results and work very hard at building professional relationships.

Outstanding performance!!!” – Utility Construction Manager


“Great report . . . The City looks forward to working with Terra Verde in the future.”
– Mike Wilcox, Maintenance Superintendent, City of Morro Bay

“If I had a wish, it would be that others that I work with in this industry would work as you do . . . Your communication and response to communication was more than timely, concise, and courteous. Working with your company – Terra Verde Environmental Consulting, LLC – has been a professional pleasure.”
– Phil Enns, Architect

“Terra Verde Environmental was instrumental in setting up a project that was both in full compliance with difficult permit conditions, yet effective and productive as well. They have the ability to take complex environmental requirements and put them in layman terms so that the requirements are simple to the working person out on the jobs. I would recommend Terra Verde anytime I could because they care about what they are doing and are extremely professional in their approach.”
– Sean Black, owner, Blue Sky Construction