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Terra Verde Environmental Consulting

Terra Verde is an environmental consulting firm founded in 2007. Our vision is to provide high quality environmental consulting services to assist private and public clients in planning, permitting, and ensuring compliance of their projects. We are committed to carrying out our work in a safe and responsible manner.

Recent Projects

Biological Surveys

Acoustic bat surveys
Wildlife and avian surveys
Threatened, endangered, and sensitive species surveys
Floristic and focused botanical surveys
Wetland delineation
Biological assessments, including protocol-level surveys

Environmental Compliance

Large scale linear projects
Constructability studies
Routing and feasibility studies
Environmental compliance audits
Erosion and sediment control inspection (QSP)

Environmental Training

Easy to understand visual tools
Clearly documented rules and practices
Teamwork approach
Formal supervisor level
Crew tailboards

Habitat Restoration

Habitat assessment
Vegetation sampling
Revegetation plans
Custom seed/plant collection
Monitoring and reporting


California Department of Fish and Wildlife 1600 Agreements
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service consultations for Biological Opinions
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 404 permitting and Jurisdictional Determinations
Regional Water Quality Control Board 401 Permitting
Local and County permits

Biological Monitoring

Environmental inspection
Wildlife (avian) monitoring
Botanical monitoring

Rave Reviews

  • “Your team provides open and honest communication. You do the right thing even if it is unpopular or risky.  You take active responsibility for the quality of service you provide, and you take ownership of the teams goals.  You hold yourself and others accountable for results and work very hard at building professional relationships.”

    Utility Construction Manager
  • “Terra Verde Environmental was instrumental in setting up a project that was both in full compliance with difficult permit conditions, yet effective and productive as well. They have the ability to take complex environmental requirements and put them in layman terms so that the requirements are simple to the working person out on the jobs. I would recommend Terra Verde anytime I could because they care about what they are doing and are extremely professional in their approach.”

    Sean Black, owner, Blue Sky Construction
  • “If I had a wish, it would be that others that I work with in this industry would work as you do . . . Your communication and response to communication was more than timely, concise, and courteous. Working with your company – Terra Verde Environmental Consulting, LLC – has been a professional pleasure.”

    Phil Enns, Architect
  • “Great report . . . The City looks forward to working with Terra Verde in the future.”

    Mike Wilcox, Maintenance Superintendent, The City of Morro Bay